Parvathi Madhavi Devarakonda


Molecular and Cell Biology

Current Project: I am be elucidating the role of MyoF in vesicle trafficking of apicoplast proteins and how
actin/MyoF plays a role in apicoplast division.

Education and Prior Research Experience:

MS in Chemistry from New Jersey Institute of Technology

Research Assistant for Dr.Bing Hao Lab at UConn Health

  1. Studied the effects of amino acid substitutions in C subunit of Bacillus subtilis GerB spore
    germination receptor
  2. Researched structural and functional analysis of Bacillus subtilis inner membrane GerD spore
    germination protein

Graduate Assistant for Dr. David J Goldhamer at UConn Storrs

  1. Invesigated the effect of fibroadipogenic progenitors on satellite cells in FOP disease
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